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Open A SAP NetWeaver Welcome Window

Enter the user id and password 
User ID à     sapdev03

Passwordà ********

When yo successfully login then click on Administration

Then click on Mobile Infrastructure which is on Left side of window

Inside Mobile Infrastructure hirarche click on Mobile Archive Convertor

Then field the required field For example

Vendor---Select Vendor name

Application ---Select Application from drop-down list 
Name -it is application name. It is good practice to give the application name same as    Project name at the creation of project 
Description---give the application name as description 
Build Number -1.0 
Runtime---select JSP 
Check the Link to SAP MI Homepage

Upload file---go to C:\Program Files\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\webapps (This is war file we upload)

Finally click on Generate SDA 
Name of SDA file is same as WAR file only difference is .extension of both file


For war file ---SYNCBOYASH.war

For sda file---SYNCBOYASH.sda

Then click on that SYNCBOYASH.sda file and save on desktop or any folder as you wish.

Then click on SDA/SCA Deployment. This button is bottom of page  Then enter the password---> ******

 Click on next button.

Then upload the sda file from desktop to here for this click on browse button.

Then click on add button and then click on next button you will give next sereen

Finally you click on Start deployment button

Then click on RELOAD button 
After reloading click on close button  

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