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Follow these steps to get started with Android development.

Setting up your machine

NetWeaver Developer Studio

To configure Android Plug in for NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS) we need to do the following:

  1. Download SDK from
  2. Extract the SDK to a folder
  3. Start NWDS. Navigate to Help ->Find and Install
  4. Click on Create a New Remote Site
  5. On the New Website update Name field as Android and in the URL field:
  6. Select Search for new features to install and click ok
  7. Click Install All and Apply Changes
  8. Restart NWDS
  9. Navigate to Windows -> Preferences
  10. Select Android Preferences and update the SDK location where it is extracted to from Step 2.

Now we can start the Android Apps Development in NetWeaver Developer Studio.


  1. Unknown User (o4btqq5)


    Would be nice if you can put some light on the connction b/w SAP and Android..



  2. Former Member

    Hello Sir,

    It would be very kind of you if you can also provide the NWDS Version also, I am using NWDS 7.0.11, and there is no Find and Install link.

    Warm Regards


  3. Unknown User (nltr88t)

    Please have a look at

    This describes how to wrap any SAP RFC-Call into a webservice that can be used by an Webservice-Client.

    Too bad that Android does only support REST and not SOAP-Based Webservices. ksoap2 could be used, as google told us. But we are currently trying to create some other simple Library that can be used on Android as SOAP-Enabled-Webservice-Client in connection with SAP PI. Say tuned, I guess in round abount 1 Month we will be ready (and this will be released under GPL2)

  4. Unknown User (px1w689)


    For your information, I wrote a blog about this topic (SOAP Web Services with Android) last year :



  5. Unknown User (jk1t3s4)

    Hi All,

    I’m currently studying Android but I have problems with the emulator running on my developer machine here at SAP – the problem is that I am not able to access the Internet.

    I tried to set-up the proxy (-http-proxy -debug-proxy) but the error is the same. The most I could get from LogCat is:

    12-15 18:07:22.060: ERROR/System(60): Failure starting core service

    12-15 18:07:22.060: ERROR/System(60): java.lang.SecurityException

    12-15 18:07:22.060: ERROR/System(60):     at android.os.BinderProxy.transact(Native Method)

    12-15 18:07:22.060: ERROR/System(60):     at android.os.ServiceManagerProxy.addService(

    12-15 18:07:22.060: ERROR/System(60):     at android.os.ServiceManager.addService(


    12-15 18:15:26.927: ERROR/CheckinTask(185): Checkin failed: (request #0)

    12-15 18:15:26.927: ERROR/CheckinTask(185):

    12-15 18:15:26.927: ERROR/CheckinTask(185):     at

    12-15 18:15:26.927: ERROR/CheckinTask(185):     at

    Do you have any idea what else I can try.



  6. I am not sure if this is the correct place for install issues but I have NWDS 7.1 SP11 and have installed the latest Android SDK and it keeps giving me the error Android Development Tools (10.0.1.v201103111512-110841) requires plug-in "org.eclipse.core.runtime (3.5.0)", or later version.

    I tried to update everything but looking at the plugin list it still shows this as 3.3.200.v20070530

    Any thoughts?

  7. I am also getting the same error :(

  8. even can't install SDK, the SDK Manager gets error "Failed to fetch URL, reason:". Forcing HTTP instead of the HTTPS doesn't help... wth??

  9. well, looks like proxy's problem. Downloaded and installed zip's packages manually.