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This document will guide you how to install a mobile client 7.1 on a laptop and how to regiister it on DOE server.


This document desribe :

  1. Steps you have to follow to install a client.
  2. Location to download MI client and database from service Marketplace
  3. How to create a Test device in DOE portal.
  4. How to register a device with DOE portal.
  5. Some troubleshooting steps.

Detailed Architecture of SAP NetWeaver Mobile


DOE (Data Orchestration Engine)

It stages object instances from backend systems and distributes the object instances to occasionally connected devices. Updates to these data object instances (either in backend systems or mobile devices) are tracked and distributed to all affected data stores. Inside DOE there is one device queue for each physical device. During synchronization the information is picked by the device.

Mobile administrator

It is a portal in where you can create, manage and monitor devices.

Netweaver Developer studio

Development tool for developing Mobile applications. Separate plugging is available for laptop and PDA.

Mobile client

It is runtime environment for mobile components. It manages data access to local database and exchanges data with doe.

Mobile client



For Installation on Laptops
.Installed JRE 1.5.x or 1.6.x on the client device.

Installation files for SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.

 IBM Db2e 9.1.4 or MaxDB 7.6

For Installation on Handhelds
Installed NSICom CrEme 4.12

Copied the pda_runtime_wince.CAB file to the pda.(AWT,JSP,ESWT)

Copied the db2e.CAB or mindb.CAB file to the pda

MI client -> Support Packages and Patches -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NetWeaver MOBILE 7.1 -> NW Mobile Client Setup 7.10 -> Win32

Database -> "Downloads" -> "Database patches"-> "DB2 Everyplace" category

Download  NW MOBILE CLIENT SETUP zip file from the service marketplace and click on setup.exe file 

Client Installation:


It will ask for JVM you have installed on your local machine:


Then for DB you want to use:

 After installation please login to MI client and open page synchronization setting.

Synchronization Settings:

Enter the required details in mobile client (Settings ->

Synchronization settings -> Connection screen). Save the settings.

To get the "Host name" and the "port number", follow the below given


Login to DOE server :

1) Execute tcode : SMICM

2) select the service which is running.

3) Click on the "Service" Option or Shift + F1.

4) In ICM Monitor-Service display screen, all the details will be displayed .

Select the HTTP Hostname and port number. 

Now create a logical device on the DOE admin portal. Please select test device if you want to use it for testing purpose.

Creating a Test Device 

logged on to the SAP NetWeaver Mobile Administrator portal

.      Choose Administration.

       2.      Under Device Management, choose Device Administration.

       3.      In the Search Results section of the screen, choose  Create.

       4.      In the Device name field, enter a name for the device.

       5.      In the Description field, enter a description for the device.

       6.      In the User field, enter a user for the device.

       7.      Select Create as Test Device.

Choose Create 

Registering the Client Device  
Sync for the first time from the device, an error message will be displayed asking to enter the mandatory details.

Now click on the "Home" link, the screen will navigate to "Device Registration" screen .In this screen, enter the required details

Choose Register Device.

Choose Home, and then choose Synchronize.

Verify if the registration is successful by checking the device status in the SAP NetWeaver Mobile Administrator. To do this, perform the following steps:

                            a.      Log on to the NetWeaver AS, and choose Mobile Administration  ® Administration ®  Device Management  ® Device Administration

                            b.      Search for the test device that you created.

                            c.      In the Search Results table, choose the test device.

                            d.      Verify that the Statusfield contains Registered

Roles assigned to user

   To configure the SAP NetWeaver AS, assign the following roles to your user ID:



To enable synchronization between the client and the DOE, assign the role SAP_DOE_SYNC_ROLE.

You need this role only if you are installing the SAP NetWeaver Mobile client on a device, and you want to synchronize the client with the DOE.


In transaction SDOE_DEV_REGISTER, you can select the device attribute

that should be considered for registration.  Additionally, you can

set the selected attributes as Mandatory for registration. 

As part of this configuration, you can set attributes NAME, USER and

DEVICE_TYPE as relavant for registration and set them as Mandatory attributes.


  > Check whether the Distribution Rules of SAP Basis 7.10 is activated not.If it is not activated, Activate all the Rules.

>Check whether SAP Basis 7.10 has turned operational or Not ( This can be checked under  Administration ->Device Administration ->  Distribution Model Software Component Version) . if it is not operational, then the authorization will not be downloaded to client.

  >Also check whether the password you are entering during "SYNC" is same as the server password. Sync password and server password should be same. 

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