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Current official BlackBerry Client Version  

Current official version is 3.2.2

The current official version may be installed by opening this link in the Browser of your BlackBerry:

You can download the COD file of this version here:

Planned Blackberry Client Features:

- offline available attachments (mainly for workflow approval)

- Look&Feel enhancements: Transparent effects and background images

- new input type to add a camera picture and upload as attachment

- barcode scanning with integrated camera (today with external barcode scanner)

Supported Languages:

- All backend languages supported

- Client supports the following languages:
    - Portuguese
    - French
    - English
    - Spanish
    - Czech
    - German
    - Turkish
    - Polish

BlackBerry Client Feature history:

20.12.2010: Client version 2.5.0:

1)     various new Attributes to improve Client-GUI
2)     Offline Workflow functionality
3)     Simple offline business logic depending on values of inputs
4)     improved handling of errors and warnings from backend

20.12.2010: Client version 2.5.0:

1)     conditional  Attributes (attributes visibility, enabled, readonly and mandatory for an input fields are depending on other input values)
2)     Storage of passwords can be prohibited
3)     Various GUI improvements

07.9.2010: Client version 2.4.0:

1)     Support for multiple color themes
2)     "Maintenance mode" can inform users of server updates
3)     URL links for lines
4)     GUI and logging improvements
5)     all inputs will be sent, if a box is submitted
6)     new attributes: EnabledOnChangedData, Multiline, TabTooltip
7)     improved Low Memory Handling

07.9.2010: Client version 2.3.3:

1)     New attribute: DrawSeparatorLine
2)     Extended logging
3)     Allow workflow notifications to be sent by RIM Push
4)     Improvements to connection handling

20.8.2010: Client version 2.3.0:

1)     Delay before retry after HTTP 401 configurable in ConfigXML
2)     Touchdevice user can now "swipe" to switch between Tabs

17.8.2010: Client version 2.2.29:

1)     Scrolling down keeps focus on last input
2)     Support of turning a Storm or Torch Device
3)     Buttons show up from left to right not under each other

10.8.2010: Client version 2.2.27:

1)     OS 6.0 support
2)     New workflow concept via data_service
3)     LoggerScreen in Options
4)     Parsing of emails if Content Protection enabled

30.7.2010: Client version 2.2.25:

1)     Email triggers page reloading 
2)     attribute loadNotCachedChildPages 

23.7.2010: Client version 2.2.24:

1)      Improved connection handling for backend connectivity
2)      Use BlackBerry context menu for scrolling in boxes
3)      New action: link to page
4)      New attribute OnEnterButtonClickfor buttons
5)      Copy lines to clipboard

16.7.2010: Client version 2.2.23:

1)      Icons can be displayed in lines
2)      One-Page boxes support all attributes
3)      Dynamic Inputs
4)      DateInputs improved

9.7.2010: Client version 2.2.19:

1)      Attribute "TextFilter" for textInput added 
2)      Choiceinput - if you press a character it jumps to the first or next choiceItem. Space jumps to next
3)      Attribute "DateFormat"="t" added for TextInput to enter duration without am/pm  
4)      Override LinkPageID in the data_service for a button works now
5)      If you have a line with a link the input values of the page are now sent clicking this link
6)      Input values: You can now set a inputvalue in the data service. If there is no input field for this input value (no inputfield that matches the inputname and boxname) the value is sent back from the client on clicking a button. With this feature you can set the accountID on a detail page and this accountID is sent to a child page of this account page. So you know on the child page from which account you are coming
7)      Dynamic buttons, created in the data service,  are now working

4.6.2010: Client version 2.2.13:

- Colors can be set in configXML, user can modify them in client. Now with full control of colors.

- Usually a Box shows the number of entries in the Box. This text can now be set with an attribute  of the Box. So you can show: Activities(30+) if you want to indicate that there are more than 30 Activities but you limited the number of downloaded activities to 30 because of performance.

- Improved behavior if no connection to the network is available.

28.5.2010 Client version 2.2.12:

- For all Backends that have set their AuthType to "oneforall", a single user/password information is used.

- The character that determins the end of a line during parsing of workflow email can now be configured in the ConfigXML, making it possible to parse HTML mails starting with BlackBerry firmware 4.6 (Default: Backslash)

- Workflows itms in the history are sorted by their commit time. The maximum number of displayed items can be configured in the options.

- Improved behavior of caching.