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What is ITSMobile ?
 ITSMobile (Internet Transaction Server for Mobile) is part of SAP NetWeaver, which helps to create web-enabled SAP applications for accessing them from browser based Handheld devices.

 Is a Technology introduced by SAP in 2007

ITSMobile is based on the ITS Engine integrated into the SAP Netweaver Web Application Server.

ITSMobile features HTML generation of SAP Screens through its Template Generator

Generated HTML acts as 'Templates' for further customization

The Application design tools required for developing a Mobile ITS application are :

ABAP development workbench.

Web application Builder which has 2 components :

  1)Internet Service creator.

           Parts of Internet Service    :

                  Service Parameters
                  Theme / Topic
                  HTML Templates

  2)HTML Template Generator.

The Run time Components are :

ICM Status -shoul be in  Running status(Needs to be checked in Transaction SMICM).
HTTP Service - should be Active(In transaction SMICM,GOTO-->Services)
Published Internet Service(In transactions SE80 and SICF)
ITS own Services


Architecture of Mobile ITS.


Steps to create Mobile ITS application:

1)Create the Application(that needs to dispalyed in handheld device) in ABAP development workbench in SE80.

2) From "SE80", create an Internet Service, assign the Transaction code and save it in a Package

3)Generate HTML Mobile template for all the screens of the ABAP application from "SE80"

4)Publish the Internet Service from "SE80"

5)Creating an ICF Service with the same name (as in Step-2) from Transaction "SICF" under the folder: "default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its"

6)Activate the service created from "SICF". The service can be tested from the context menu of the Service

 Development Guidelines for Mobile Applications:

1)Keep the UI simple by design

2)Keep in mind the limited screen sizes of handheld devices

3)It is recommended to limit the UI elements to: "Text Box", "I/O Fields", "Checkboxes", "Radio Buttons" and "Pushbuttons" Refer Supported Screen Elements for more details
Frames, Tab strips, Table Controls are not supported

4)GUI Status not to include any Buttons. Instead include it on the Screens
Error/Warning/Status/Information messages should be handled on an output field. That means, "Message" statement or calling a Function Module to show a popup message / confirmation prompt, should not be used

Steps to create Internet service in SE80.

 1)In SE80 choose Internet service from the dropdown and give an internet sevice name.


2)Give the transaction name of the program.


3)Create template by right clicking on the internet service CREATE->TEMPLATE.Give the theme as 99,enter the screen no for which template needs to created and the generating style should be Mobile Gerate.


4)Double click on the Internet service name.In the parameters section give ~transaction = transaction name of the program and ~generateddynpro = 1.


5)Save the service.Right click on the Internet service select PULISH->COMPLETE SERVICE.You should get a success message like this.

Steps to create Service in SICF transaction.

1)In SICF transaction,execute the report to get into the second screen.Navigate to the path default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its and right click and select New sub element.

2)Give the same Internet service name as given in SE80.In the sevice tab for GUI LINK drop down select YES.In the GUI configuration tab give the following parameters.

3)In the Logon Data tab choose Procedure as Alternative logon procedure.

Delete other types of logon procedures retaining only Fields Authentication.

4)In the Handler list tab give the class name as CL_HTTP_EXT_ITS.

5)In the error pages tab choose the last radio button system login.

Click the configuration button.

Click the check boxes : System ID,client,Language,system messages.

Give the user specific class as 'CL_MOBILE_SYSTEM_LOGIN'.

6)save the internet service,right click and activate it.Then right click and Test Service.

It will open a webpage and will display the application as seen in handheld device.

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