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Mobile Webcast (23.3)-  Mobile Industry Strategy & Trends

Attached bellow are the *Mobile Industry Strategy & Trends" webcast Top 10 Q&A . This webcast is a part of SAP's Mobility Insights webcast series. This groundbreaking series on SAP’s strategy to help customers mobilize their organizations and realize the power of anytime, anywhere, any device secure access to information.
In this webcast we mostly covered the following topics:
* How SAP’s offerings can help you "unwire your enterprise" and accelerate your business
* How an SAP customer, is using the Sybase Unwired Platform and SAP Mobile Workflow
* How best-in-class companies deal with the challenges of enterprise mobility management
*                                                                                  *  Please feel free to express your opinion in the relevant topic bellow  **
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*Q: What would be the first step a company should consider in order to implement a mobility strategy? [>>>|]*

*Q: What is the best way to get started on mobile applications from SAP? **[>>>|]*

*Q: What is a typical time frame for the implementation of the Sybase systems (Unwired platform, Mobile, Afaria)?* *[>>>|]*

*Q: What is Project Gateway role? *[>>>|]

*Q: How would you handle Security Issues on Mobile Devices?* *[>>>|]*

*Q: How is "team based development" possible in SUP? **[>>>|]*

*Q: Is Afaria supporting all type of devices supported with SUP?* *[>>>|]*

*Q: How can I get started to develop applications using SUP? **[>>>|]*

*Q: Can we use SYBASE SUP on RFID enabled devices?  **[>>>|]*

*Q: Will the NW Mobile 7.x still be available or will SUP take over the DOE functionality?* *[>>>|]*

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