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This consulting solution provides easy access via BlackBerry, iPhone and Android to CRM, ERP and mobile workflow approval. Get a demo, see the videos and more information.


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Mobility for SAP in the news
  • 22.02.2012: SUP Integration available
    Connect mobility for SAP via SUP to gain the benefits of a mobile platform.
    Use mobility for SAP on SUP to gain the benefits of the "player" without development on the different mobile devices.

Mobility for SAP CRM + ERP + Workflow
  • Get a mobile application providing a solution for your needs in your budget. Shorten your processes, save time, be informed and approve your workflows on the road
  • Lookup your accounts in CRM and ERP on your Smartphone. Call them, write an email or add them to your contacts for later direct access.
  • Prepare for the visit or check onsite and get insight into account details like opportunities, activities, open orders, order history, open deliveries, marketing attributes, overdue payments.
  • Have answers for your customer being on site: Check product availibility or customer specific pricing or delivery status
  • Manage your sale and look into your activities and opportunities.
  • Shorten your processes and approve or reject workflows on your BlackBerry. 
  • Enhance the application to your needs, data and requirements with pure ABAP development without time consuming development on the smartphone!

Developed by
Joint development of SAP Consulting and
mobile communications company ISEC7 Group (BlackBerry Elite Alliance Member and SAP Partner)

Solution highlights
  • SAP to go: Online access to all data in ERP and/or CRM and Mobile workflow approval
  • Caching of data for offline access
  • Save effort for development on different smartphones:
    Enhance the application and add all data you need. Just by pure ABAP coding in the backend.
    The app on the different smartphones (iOS, BlackBerry, Android) acts like a "player" and shows the content. Customers do not need to develop on the SmartPhone which save big development effort. Add customer specific fields like installed base, complaints, contracts, stock levels, pricing information or whatever you need - after only 2 days of training. Develop a mobile app without fighting with different firmware versions and device types. Just work in ABAP as you do every day.
  • Integration of non-SAP backend systems possible if they support webservices
  • Integration of SAP Java stack possible
  • Usability as the user expects it: Smartphone specific native application with fancy design and high usability - not running in a browser. See what happens on iPhone: Users expect a perfect tailored app for their device instead of a browser where they need to zoom and scroll.
  • Works with single-sign-on and X.509 certificates!

Demo and Video

Get a demo on your iPad or iPhone

Open the apple appstore and search for "mobility for SAP". Download the app for free and request a demo license. 

Get a demo on your Android

Open the android appstore and search for "mobility for SAP". Download the app for free and request a demo license. 

Get a demo on your Blackberry

Please open the Browser on your Blackberry, open the URL and just download it. Or install it from BlackBerry AppWorld. You will find the application behind the icon 'Downloads' ('Herunterladen' in german) in the main menu. Or open the BlackBerry Appworld and search for "mobility for SAP".

Watch a video showing the Blackberry App on youtube 

english or german 


technical details

Read more about the functionality


  • Backend System with Netweaver ABAP Stack 7.0 SP14
  • For CRM Integration CRM 2007 or CRM 7.0, independend from Service Packs and EhP
  • For ERP Integration: ERP 5.0 or 6.0, independend from Service Packs and EhP
  • For Workflow Integration: Any backend, at least one with Netweaver 7.0 SP14
  • BlackBerry Smartphone: Any devices, only requirement is the Firmware 4.2.1 or later
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server: 4.0 or later
  • Android Firmware 2.1 or later
  • iPhone/iPad Firmware 4.2 or later
  • SUP 2.1

Activity synch into BlackBerry calendar

Activities, which are created or updated in CRM, can automatically be synchronized as calendar entries to Exchange or Lotus Notes. From there they are synchronized into the BlackBerry calendar. This is done via serverside Groupware integration which is part of the CRM 7.0 Middleware.
No additional licenses apply. Effort to setup and integrate: 10-12 consulting days (plus travel expenses, remote possible)
Additional Synchronization of contacts and accounts possible.
Date and time updates of an calendar entry in the Blackberry calendar is synched back into the CRM activity.
The integration of „mobility for SAP“ BlackBerry client provides to jump from this activity into the CRM activity.
Detailed PDF

Latest information for partners, customers and developers



Contact SAP Consulting

general contact

For general contact send an eMail to

Germany and world wide

Frank Ahland; Thomas Will; Udo Leutbecher


Jeff Chua


Marlene de Jager


Wolfgang Goldeband; Kneuss, Lothar


Peter Sperk; Weinreich, Stefan

Middle east (Dubai)

Da Silva, Carlos

Asia, Pacific japan

Sarvia, Maneesh


Lorenzen, Janus


Justin Thomas

Noridic Europe

Leivo, Ville; Kristensen, Mariano; Bent Jurs

Exemplary screenshot for opportunity edit on iPad in theme "old navy":


Exemplary screenshots:

Blackberry CRM integration:

Exemplary screenshot on new BlackBerry Torch:

Blackberry Mobile Workflow Approval Inbox:

Blackberry Mobile Workflow Approval Detail:

Blackberry opportunity update in theme "OldNavy":

iPhone CRM integration:




  1. Unknown User (p7c4m7h)

    Hi Frank,

    I want to test this app on iPad. Where can I get the iPad/iPhone version application. Could you please give me a link.



  2. Hi Frank,

    I've downloaded the android app, but now I should have the access data for testing the demoversion.

    Could you please give me them ?



  3. Anonymous


    to get access with the Android version please start the app, go to options and check the license. It will ask you to get a demo license. This will be easier in the next Android version. The iPad/iPhone version will be available in the appstore by end of july.

    For any questions please send an eMail to

  4. Hi,

    This is still unclear to me who is offering this solution. Is it SAP, is it ISEC7? My understanding is that "Mobility for SAP" is a joint product but does SAP take full responsibility for the support: for the installed packages? for the client part?

    Thanks in advance for your clarification.

    Best regards,