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benefits of lean mobile

Online and offline access to your data: work while you do not have a network connectivity (WIFI / WLAN, Lan, UMTS, GPRS,...) and synch automatically or manually if network is available. Or work online with the same technology to access data that cannot be offline available like stock levels, availibility or huge material base.
No Middleware is needed. The application on the mobile device directly connects to the backend system. This lowers your TCO: No extra server, less and easy administration, no special skills for administrators and developers, fast development
We are using the best fitting technology on the mobile device. Java for BlackBerry, .net for PDA. This ensures the optimal integration into the device specific functionality, like support of context sensitive BlackBerry Menu button, inegration of camera, access to adressbook or calendar or eMail. So we can capture a foto in an application or add contacts from CRM in the adressbook.
Using this best fitting technology we can provide very intuitive to use applications that are perfectly tailored to the daily work. This saves time and speeds up work.
Push of new data possible for all devices. This enables you to inform a service techician that a new service order was assigned to him.
Same backend services provide information for different mobile devices

lean mobile - Main differentiators

Lean mobile means a lean connection between a mobile device and the backend. The biggest technical difference between lean mobile and a middleware is, that the middleware provides the functionality to keep all data on the mobile devices always in synch with the backend. Using the SAP Consulting/isec7 solution the user searches online for data and this data is cached for offline access.
Choose lean mobile "Mobility for SAP" when:
- Mobile users do not require data to be always in sync
- Mobile users have low to medium data volume needs
- Limited offline functionality for create/update is sufficient
- Limited data push fits customer requirements, e.g. for new workflows
- Costs for middleware (hardware, administration, license) can not be justified
Choose middlewarebased solution when:
- Mobile users require data to be always in sync, with data push of new/updated data directly from backend to device
- Mobile users have medium to large data volume needs
- Full offline functionality is needed
- A single mobility platform is or may be needed in the future for other mobile applications and own developed applications
- SAP standard 7+2 support is expected

Do not try to use one technology to fit all your mobile scenarios. This would mean to use a technology for complex scenarios even for simple scenarios. No transportation company uses only huge trucks for all jobs.



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