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Note: This is a quick start/how to guide linked to the following blog

Remote Controlling Windows Mobile Devices

Where to find it?
You can download either the executable (exe) setup file or the zip file. Let us take the exe option into consideration for this article. Once downloaded onto a hard disk/pc folder of your choice, we can proceed to the installation.

Double click the exe file for eg. "MyMobile123_06152008.exe". Click Next-> Read and Accept tems. Click Next->Select Program Files folder/browse and select any location you want nd click Next-> Click either Finish/ Run My Mobiler button.
Note: Default install location is desktop and the documentation/readme refers to the same desktop folder.

Go to My Computer-><OS Drive>:\Program Files\My Mobile or your chosen My Mobiler install folder. Double Click the shortcurt "My Mobiler". Now you will see the disconnected tray icon as shown below.

Once your device is connected through Activesync to your PC, My Mobiler automatically installs the device support exe it needs (to the PDA folder -\Windows\Remote.exe) and connects automatically to the device. Now right click the tray icon and select "Open Mobiler". You will see a screen similar to the one below.

1.     My Mobiler is in "Always On Top" mode by default, you can change this from View->Always On Top.
2.     You can also notice the My Mobiler icon in your device's system tray as can be seen above. Clicking on the same will give you a context menu with self explanatory options.

We will now focus on what can be achieved from the desktop in My Mobiler:

1. Menu - Keyboard - Shortcut Key Input
You can directly access some of your Windows Mobile Professional / Classic funtionalities with the My Mobiler's menu or direct keyboard shortcuts. See the screen shot below for the Menu/Keyboard shortcut options available

Most of the above options/shortcuts are self explanatory, except for commonly misunderstood soft keys. Soft1 is your left selection key which here in my Win Mo device is the  "Phone" option and Soft2 the Contacts option.

2. Text copy from PC to Device in addition to direct Text entry
With My Mobiler, it is easy to enter/ copy text to say the Internet Explorer Mobile (aka PIE earlier), or almost any app for text entry. This saves a lot of time lost by fumbling with the different on screen inputs for Win Mo (especially if the physical keyboard is not there or the available keyboard is jumbled as in a rugged pda!). You can just copy any text in the normal windows way (Ctrl + C), go to the My Mobile Window and paste to any active app with text entry using Edit->Paste (Ctrl +V). Direct text entry can also be done on any app using your PC keyboard.

3. Screen Capture
You can capture your Mobile Device's screen to either a file or the clipboard for pasting to any document/app in your PC. This can be achieved from the My Mobiler's edit menu, Edit-> Save Screen to clipboard(Ctrl+S) or Edit->Save Screen to file (Ctrl+F). BMP,JPG,GIF and PNG are the image file formats supported by My Mobiler.

4. Video Recording
This very useful feature lets you record your Mobile Device screen actions as Video. This for example can be used for presentations or even for creating help videos for mobile personnels. All you have to do is goto Edit->Video Reocord Start (there is a spelling mistake in the app) and choose your location, format - AVI / WMV. To stop recording use Edit->Video Reocord stop.
WMV Format Bug/Coding Error - Note: I have noticed a bug while capturing the video in WMV with My Mobiler version 1.23 format in portrait mode. Here instead of capturing the video in potrait resolution, it is capturing the video in landscape resolution, thereby resulting in bad AR (aspect ratio). Also, the video captured in WMV format is always 320*240 resolution. More than a bug, I feel it is a coding error in the app of sending wrong values while calling the video export function. These are concerned to only the WMV format and AVI format export does not have any similar issue.

5. Rotate screen and other miscellaneous features
You can flip/rotate your mobile device screen by going to View->Rotate Screen. Other features available include the skin view, which hides the menu and tool bar of My Mobiler. This has additional links like contacts, call etc with the bottom pull down. There is also a zoom feature which works ok with basic menu bar mode. It must be noted that the zoom modes go haywire while switching to skin mode at different zoom levels.

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