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Whenever developer have created SmartSync project in MI perspective it will ask you PACKAGE NAME , SERVLET NAME and MI APPLICATION NAME.

Inside folder  JAVA  there are three package  created -
1 packageName(whatever you given name to packagename at the time of creation of project)
2 packageName.bean

3 packageName.dataaccess
 Inside packageName there are two classes  created

2. you given name to Servlet at the time of creation of project)
 Inside  packageName.bean  there is one class
 Inside packageName.dataaccess there are two classes are created
 Also whenever you created project three jsp file is also created by default inside app-root folder
1. detail_syncboinstance.jsp
2. overview_syncboinstances.jsp

3. overview_syncbonames.jsp
 For exporting multiple application from client  developer  must change these three jsp name as per our application
suppose for  first project  developer have given name for these 3 jsp  as (These name comes by default)
 1. detail_syncboinstance.jsp
2. overview_syncboinstances.jsp

3. overview_syncbonames.jsp
 for second projcet developer  must have given name as
 1. detail_syncboinstance1.jsp
2. overview_syncboinstances1.jsp

3. overview_syncbonames1.jsp
 And along with developer  must give same name of jsp in file as we given name to jsp inside app-root folder
For example for second project (*See *bold changes in file*)*
      String JSP_OVERVIEW_SYNCBONAMES = "/jsp/overview_syncbonames1.jsp";
      String JSP_OVERVIEW_SYNCBOINSTANCES = "/jsp/overview_syncboinstances1.jsp";
      String JSP_DETAIL_SYNCBOINSTANCE = "/jsp/detail_syncboinstance1.jsp";
Suppose in file developer  are not changing jsp name then it will give error page that PAGE NOT FOUND
And for each project developer  must have to change  packageName. Suppose if developer dont want to change the package name for different project  then he/she must change the name of which is under packageName.bean for each project.
Like for first project developer  use  then for second project he/she must  give name as  
Because this java file is used in jsp page
(NOTE:-This condition is used  only when developer dont want to change package name means for different project he/she uses the same package name )
If you done these changes then you are able to run multiple application from MI Client with respective output of that application

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