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What Is SAP mobile infrastructure?

The SAP Mobile Infrastructure (MI) is a technology platform for offline access to SAP systems or other ERP systems via portable devices like PDAs or laptops.

When a mobile application is running offline and exchanges data with an application backend system  the underlying technology framework needs to address these key areas:  

 Client Runtime
         The SAP MI Client is an entirely Java-based framework offering generic services to mobile applications. It is based on Personal Java 3.1 as only this JDK is typically available on  modern  PDAs. Due to the downward capability of Java, it can also run on JDK 1.3 and 1.4 as well. MI offers two different UI programming models: Java Server Pages 1.1 (JSP) and Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT).

 Data Synchronization 

      The goal of mobile applications is of course to update the backend with the data collected in the field. Thus results the need for a strong data synchronization mechanism as offered by MI

Two synchronization modes

      Generic Synchronization 

      Smart Synchronization

SAP MI  consists of three integrated parts

  1   SAP MI Client

  2  SAP MI J2EE Server

  3  SAP MI ABAP Server

Application running on the SAP Mobile Infrastructure platform also consists of two parts

 1. The client-side of an application is running on the SAP MI Client and allows end users to fulfill their business goal. It offers the corresponding UI, has a local business logic and uses generic services offered by the SAP MI Client. Data collected in during the business process can be synchronized with the application backend via the MI's Synchronization API. On next synchronization, this data will be transported by the SAP MI that will initiate the backend call and return the response of the backend data to the mobile device.

2.The server-side of the application represents the actual business process. The business process is triggered throuhg messages that originate from the application's client-side and that have been transported by MI.