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Mobile Webcast - Mobile Industry Strategy & Trends

Below, you will find key questions and answers from the live event.  This webcast is a part of SAP Mobility Insights Webcast series

In this informative live webcast we presented the following key topics:

  • Overview of SAP and partners' mobile applications strategy
  • SAP Mobile Apps: Overview of SAP apps that you can deploy now
  • Partner Apps: Overview of SAP partner apps that you can deploy now
  • Road map: 2011 and 2012 mobile applications from SAP and partners


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Q: Does SAP has any out-of-box solution for carrying out field operations involved in utilities like Meter Reading, Disconnection, Reconnection, Maintenance Service Orders on mobile devices?

A: SAP EAM Work Order mobile app, coming end of Q3, will support maintenance service order. The Utility specific scenarios for Meter Reading, Disconnection, Reconnection are on the roadmap for future release. 

Q: Will SAP be developing all mobile apps or will partners be writing mobile apps as well?

A: We expect 80 to 90% of mobile apps to come from our partners.

Q: Does Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) connect to SAP Business One? Can I use SUP to mobilize SAP Business One?

A: SUP has deep integration with SAP Business Suite. However, SUP can connect to any backend, including SAP Business One. So, SUP can be used to mobilize SAP Business One or for that matter, any SAP or non-SAP backend.

Q: Where is MO / DOE in this? Is it absorbed with O-Data?

A: DOE and O-Data are two development paths supported  by SUP.  See below:

Q: What does OData replace in the current architecture?

A: Nothing. It is additional way to access SAP Backend. See above.

Q: Is SAP BusinessObjects Mobile developed on SUP?

A: Currently, no. However, we are in process of migrating mobile BA apps to SUP based architecture and also creating exciting new mobile BA apps.

  Q: Is the SAP CRM sale available for Blackberry? 

A: Yes. See press release for more details:

Q: How much of functionality of SAP CRM Sales is available offline (when no connection to Internet)?
A: For all practical purposes, all the functionality is available in off-line mode. Obviously, no new data will be delivered to the device while it is off-line.


Q: As we able to get the confidential data from mobile, What happens if the mobile is lost?

A: We recommend all mobile devices be managed by Mobile Device Management solution like Afaria. Afaria provides you the ability to wipe-out the data from stolen device and much more. 

Q: Is the mobile solution readily available for integration with SAP CRM as on date?

A: Yes.  See for more details

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