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Occasionally-Connected Clients

The technology to develop mobile applications in an occasionally connected scenario is Mobile Infrastructure.
Therefore the Mobile - occasionally connected focus on the Mobile Infrastructure technology.


Mobile- Occasionally connected enables customers to rapidly develop and directly access business applications using mobile devices even in offline. Mobile  Infrastructure as a part of Netweaver provides SAP's development and runtime environment to create professional Web business applications and their user interfaces. In addition, Mobile Web Dynpro provides the appropriate infrastructure and renders for mobile devices, such as Windows Mobile(Pocket PCs)

What is Mobile Infrastructure?

Mobile Infrastructure has been designed for applications that are occasionally connected or offline. This technology will allow the execution of your business applications on a mobile device while disconnected from your LAN or wireless infrastructure.

This allows you to mobilize your field force for asset management, plant maintenance and inventory control.

Three components complete the design of the system: 

 MI Client

 MI Server 

 Back End Application (SAP).

The MI Client is built on a Java platform that stores data on the device itself for offline use. Upon synchronization, the device communicates via https with the MI Server, which replicates the data and converts the commands to ABAP in order to execute the respective functions in SAP.

SAP Mobile Infrastructure is a true mobile application based on Java that will allow you to take SAP anywhere your business goes. SAP MI provides full off-line capabilities for your mobile workers. Connectivity to SAP can be through several different methods such as WAN, CDMA, 802.11 wireless and Bluetooth.

So here we require the additional installations like MI Server.


Over the past decade, there have been monumental improvements in hardware and infrastructure, software applications and databases that allow for minimal scheduled and unscheduled downtime. However, even the smallest amount of downtime can be very costly due to increased labor requirements, underutilized equipment and lost revenue. If your system should go down in an online environment, production can

slow down and shipments can be delayed.

With SAP Mobile Infrastructure, you will be able to continue to operate without missing a beat. SAP MI can be leveraged for picking raw material for production, confirming and receiving from production and picking and shipping. For example, your workforce can post a goods receipt for a production order, perform the putaway into the warehouse and record the bin location on the mobile device. Once the system is back up, the device will synchronize and the inventory will be accurately posted to the correct locations. This will allow you to continue with the same application, leveraging the accuracy from scanning and tracking your materials until your system is restored.


SAP Mobile Infrastructure is applicable anywhere connectivity is guaranteed less than 98%. While SAP Mobile Infrastructure is an enabling technology that can be used to enable any business process, Catalyst is focused on applying MI technology in the Logistics and extended Supply Chain:
n Asset Managementn Plant Maintenance

Link for Architecture of SAP Mobile Infrastructure

System Architecture Link

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