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When you successfully login  click on Device maintenance screen which is also left side .

if u don't know the device name then enter *and click on search button

It will show list of device name.

Then click on our device name

Then click on tab mobile component it is in bottom of page

Click on Add/Remove button

Then show new screen and fill all required fill such as

Name----if not known just enter * and click on search button

Version 1.0

User - User Name

Then it will give us list of available component

Find our name and add it to assigned mobile components and finally click on save button

Then go to our NWDS -MI perspective.

Go to Run à run. Then open this screen .Click on our application and again click on Apply button.(this is for only first time )

Here if you click on Run button the application is directly run

After that right click on our project then click on exports

Then click on next button  and finally click on finish button

Then  you  seeSAP Mobile Infrastructure browser

Click on sync option

Enter synchronization password -********

then click on click on continue button
After that your application is seen on screen

Again click on sync option this procedure is done now 2 times

And finally click on our application

You will see such as per your application output

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