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Open NWDS------------->Mobile perspective 

Before developing the application u need to configure the MI settings in NWDS.

For that go to windows->preferences>MI development->give the following details

       1) mi home folder as "MI installation directory

       2)Java sdk tools.jar: it wiil take automatically because u give jdk settings while u install MI client

       3) give the server settings  and mi client logon username and password.

Then click on file ------>new--------->other 

Then select MI development tool ---->SmartSync Project as shown below

Click on next button

Then enter required field.

Remember to give the project name and application name same. Then click on finish button.

Browse MetaRep.xml file where you save  and added .

After creating project we have to generate war file 
For this just right click on project select Export.
Then ur war file will be created under webapps folder of SAP mobile infrastructure with the same name as ur Application name.

C:\Program Files\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\webapps

Then Assign application to NWDA 

Link --Mobile application Developement using NWDS and Mobile infrastructure\\

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