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Sybase Mobile Solutions for SAP

This is the SDN Wiki area for anything around the mobile solutions co-developed by Sybase and SAP.

Please feel free to add and change entries.

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

The Sybase Unwired Platform is a leading mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) and offers support to develop and run mission critical mobile applications.

Key concepts are:

  • Heterogenous device support
  • Heterogenous backend support
  • Rapid mobile application development via 4GL tooling as well as device native application development via existing IDEs like XCode, Eclipse or Visual Studio.
  • Mobile device management and security is provided by Sybase Afaria.

Part of the co-innovation partnership between SAP and Sybase was the development of the co-innovation architecture, which implements an end-to-end messaging-based push mechanism between a SAP business sytem and mobile devices.

Packaged Mobile Applications 

To date SAP and Sybase jointly offer the following packaged mobile applications:

  1. Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM
  2. Sybase Mobile Workflow for SAP Business Suite