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where MI is applicable?

SAP Mobile Infrastructure is applicable anywhere connectivity is guaranteed less than 98%. While SAP Mobile Infrastructure is anenabling technology that can be used to enable any business process, Catalyst is focused on applying MI technology in the Logistics andextended Supply Chain:

n Asset Managemen

tn Plant Maintenance

n Warehouse Applications where off-line redundancy is required or in campus environments

The Business Benefits

n Fully integrated with SAP back-office applications

n Mobile-enabled end-to-end business processes

n Mobilizes the entire SAP Business Suite

n Based on open and flexible technology platform

High Level Design

n The process is initiated by synchronizing the mobile application with SAP. This will execute RFCs to retrieve the requested documentsand all relevant data, which will be stored on the mobile device itself.

n Now offline, this information will be processed on the client device with the Java-developed code running on the J2EE engine on the handheld

n The mobile user will make data entries, which will be validated and stored locally on the handheld device for synchronization at somepoint in the future

n At the end of the process, or at a designated synchronization event, the user will initiate a posting process to synchronize by executingRFCs to update the SAP database and create documents. Any new documents to be dispatched to the user will be synchronized atthis time as well.

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