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iPhone and iPad

Welcome to the iPhone and iPad area. This is the SDN WIKI for topics around iPhone and iPad development and apps at SAP. Feel free to create and correct entries.

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    iPhone and iPad Feedback — We are constantly looking for ways to improve the iPhone and iPad content we publish at SDN. We love to hear from our users to get feedback about iPhone and iPad at SAP.

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Moderators of this WIKI section are Mario Herger.

Getting started

Frequently Asked Questions

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    iPhone and iPad FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) contain a collection of problems and questions with solutions and answers to topics around iPhone and iPad.


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Step-by-Step Guides

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Services for iPhone and iPad

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    Demos at keynotes — A collection of both iPhone and iPad demos at keynotes from different SAP conferences
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    iPad demos — A collection of iPad demos
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    iPhone demos — A collection of iPhone demos

Learning Map

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    Bibliography — A collection of books and materials that helped us with iPhone and iPad development


  1. Mario,

    you may also want to link back from forum to wiki, so there is a loop between wiki, blogs, and forums, just a suggestion.

    can we have a section on specific financial applications like financial reporting and treasury (cash transactions)?

  2. Former Member

    Hi Greg,
    I asked for having th elink from the forum set.
    Financial applications: I am open to that, but let's perhaps see first what material we get. I don't want to start with sections that stay empty.

  3. i understand your concern, so what would qualify as sufficient material? did u see the links i have provided as an aswer to your blog?

  4. Unknown User (roabe4x)

    Hi Mario

    I like your iPhone/iPad pages.

    This might be interesting for you: (SAP CRM on iPad).

    If you need to know more about that solution, please let me know. Thanks.