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iPhone and iPad Feedback

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the iPhone and iPad content we publish at SDN. We love to hear from our users to get feedback about iPhone and iPad at SAP.

How to Provide Feedback

Click on the "Add Page" button on the upper right portion of this wiki page.

  1. Name your new wiki page
  2. Fill in the page with the following information:
  • Your name
  • The name of your organization
  • So, new and experienced modelers..... please give us your opinion:
    • Do you find the iPhone and iPad content at SDN useful? Sufficient for your needs and level of knowledge?
    • Do you feel that information about a certain topic is missing?
    • Did you find a certain article useful and important?
    • Do you want to publish something but you just don't know how?

And finally: Don't forget to save your feedback!

Feel free to give us any feedback you have. We will monitor the page frequently and act according to your ideas or suggestions.


  1. Mario,

    Thank you for supporting this space. I have this wild idea of installing Java (and/or ABAP) Netweaver stack on a Leopord server and having it work with iPhones and iPads through Apps.

     I'm not sure where to start as trial licenses don't show Mac Os X and Marc's post, being otherwise very helpful, doesn't inspire too much.

  2. Unknown User (wu6zryk)

    Dear support team, I am a SAP speciallist of China, I was glad to find out the APP for SAP NOTES view, and intalled it to my IPAD already, it's good for me to record some important NOTES , but I hope that you can add on some more functions to that APP, for instance, search a NOTE with Key words, reclass the notes by folder etc.

    And for the server perfermance, you can also improve it, sometimes even i login SAP service market, it quite slow to search a notes.

    Thanks and best regards.