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SAP Mobile Web Dynpro is an SAP Java User Interface application. SAP's Web Application Server (WAS) is the system that allows for direct,online access to Web Dynpro applications. The largest benefit of Web Dynpro applications is that they are developed through the NetWeaverDevelopment Studio, which allows the user to quickly create advanced browser-based user interfaces for desktop and mobile use.SAP's Web Dynpro for Java and ABAP is a giant leap forward in the development of web-based user interfaces. Web Dynproapplications are built to leverage the Model View Controller (MVC) design. First, you specify which user interface elements you wish tohave on the client application and the associated data. All of the code to is then generated automatically within a standard runtimeframework to create the Java UI. This greatly reduces the development time by eliminating the need for repetitive coding tasks that arerequired in writing HTML, as well as making it interactive with JavaScript.

The Business Benefits

n Ability to develop applications that are accessed with a web browser from virtually any machine

n Ability to leverage development for multiple Mobile Devices

n Screens developed for simplified data entry can be run on desktop in a browser, or on a mobile device through a browserHigh Level Design

n Initial data entry on a transaction will execute RFCs to retrieve the requested document data and all relevant related data

n This information will be processed in Web Dynpro with the Java-developed code running on the J2EE engine on the handheld andWeb Application Server

n The mobile user will make data entries, which will be validated and stored locally

n At the end of the process, posting will execute RFCs will be executed to update the SAP database and create documents