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Welcome to the SAP Community Pages, if you have been invited to take part it's because through your great contributions you've been recognized and now is your chance to take it one step further. Having earned more than 100 points through your time, effort, energy and passion in the community you have been given not only your own  "personal" page here but you've also been given the opportunity of exploring the fantastic features and abilities of a wiki environment to create content and then transfer it to the Expert Wiki locations once you are done or even submit for publication

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  1. Hi,

    is there a rss feed for this Community Profiles page, especially for the blogs.

    So not for the update profiles (photo's, bio's etc)


  2. I have been invited by Craig Cmehil into this page, I do not get any option of Creating New Page in Profiles.

    Any help ???


  3. Guest

    Hi, I've gained 250 annual points (by blogging, thow I still don't see active contributor status for some reason), I and I am willing to contribute more through wiki. What do I need to open ciommunity profile ? Regards,

    Zoran Popovic.