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My Bio

I started as SAP in 1989 in the first product to support SAP R/2 implementation called "Method/SAP". A year later we built "SAP Implementationware - SAP IMW" which I maintained until the end of the lifetime or R/2. In R/3 I first built the Application Component Hierarchy. Then I migrated the process modells built with IDS-Scheer's ARIS into R/3 and displayed them in the "Business Navigator". Later I migrated the "R/3 Reference Model" into "ASAP/Value SAP". In 2002? we migrated this content into the "Business Process Repository" in "SAP Solution Architect" which is now called "SAP Solution Manager". Since that time I am working as Development Architect in the Solution Manager development team. 

Handy Hint

See my blog about how to extend SAP Solution Manager object types on SOLAR01/02 tabs to your own needs: