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Ankur Goel is now part of SAP consulting. He has over a decade of SAP experience in ABAP, BI and MDM with implementations, Roll outs, Maintenance, due diligence and strategy projects across Europe, and has been instrumental in MDM for over 5 years.

Ankur Goel holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering (Instrumentation) and the highlights of his experience:
*  Total 10 + Years in SAP
*  4 years in SAP ABAP.
*  5+ years in SAP-MDM 5.5 and 7.1 (SP03 and SP04) + Including Implementations, Strategy Studies and Aplication Maintainance
*  1 + Year in SAP-BW (BI 7.0)

+ Received Prestigious *Bravo Award* from IBM for Outstanding support and Customer feedback.
+ Received *Excellence in Service Delivery* Award from IBM-Ericsson.
+ Received *GEM Award (Great Ericsson Minds)* Award from IBM-Ericsson for Technical excellence in Local SAP & MDM.
+ Featured in *Hall of Fame*  of Satyam SAP Knowledge Portal.
+ Received Many Appreciation mails from Customers. 


Master of Master Data




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                                                                                                                                         Link :  All Blogs from Ankur Goel...

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 For All the Blogs; pls go to  SAP Developer Network SAP Weblogs by Goel Ankur 


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AG Articles
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  7.     Multiple Languages in MDM Part 1: Console Settings for Multilingual Master Data

  8.     Multiple Languages in MDM Part 4: Syndicating Data in Multiple Languages

  9.     Multiple Languages in MDM Part 2: Importing Data in Multiple Languages

  10.     Multiple Languages in MDM Part 3: Managing Data in Multiple Languages

  11.     Data Manager - Improving Quality with Validations

  12.     Syndicator - Restrictive and Selective Syndication - Part 1 Free-Form Search

  13.     MDM Console: Restricted Authorizations/Access, Part 2: Masks

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  15.     Taking Control in Mergers & Acquisitions with help of MDM   

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