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Welcome, ABAP addicts and SAP pros!

Many people know be as reliable defender of the ABAP engine and as an opponent to put too much weight on Java. To put it simple: ABAP is NOT a nice language, but it works. Java is for gadgets, for science but ABAP stands for reliable results. We had this fight before, PASCAL against FORTRAN, C and many more ... (Turbo-)Pascal made the race. Java is popular because it is free. PHP and RUBY on Rails are as well. Take the latter if you  do not like ABAP.
Besides this academic fights, my speciality is "ubiquitious computing", having every computer talk to every other. Call it SOA now, if you like. It is old wine in new tubes, we tried this since the 80ties. Windows COM made it real within a PC, DCOM within a LAN, now we make it real in the Internet.


EAI Development Mentor and SAP Project Manager Logos! GmbH
In 1984, Axel established Logos! Informatik (, a company originally specialized in Life Sciences and Artificial Intelligence research. Today, Logos! Informatik is a platform for a small group of technically oriented freelancers. After working for many years in different IT-sectors in Europe, South-East-Asia and North America , Axel is now dedicated to SAP-centric Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and complex messaging and automation scenarios in the SCM arena. He also keeps a strong relationship with IBM ITSO and is a supporter of the IBM WebSphere product family and DB/2 as message flow system in high-availability environments.
Axel began working with SAP in 1991. Since that time, he has worked for many companies including; Dupont, Arcelor, IBM, EDS, Delphi and Novartis. Axel's work is focused on the core development of SCM, logistics modules and interface technologies, namely ALE/IDoc, Workflow messaging, RFC- and BAPI-development, WebAS and around the SAP NetWeaver (formerly mySAP) technology. Speaking five languages and having learned about work and life style in many parts of the world, Axel now concentrates on management and troubleshooting of critical mission tasks as head and/or mentor of large, international development teams. Axel enjoys finding solutions for seemingly intractable problems. Axel is the author of the "SAP R/3 Guide to EDI and Interfaces", a best-selling cookbook for developing your own IDoc and workflow applications in R/3.  

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