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A bit about me...

I really like creating Business Intelligence (smile) It has been 4 years since I ventured on this track. I have been at Molex for 3 years and my experience includes CRM-BW and xRPM-BW integration. I like to talk to my users to know what they want, what works for them - what doesn't, how their part of the business works and I try to tempt them with new features (smile) I do the data models (and usual BW stuff), ABAP code (with help from my good friends) and the Bex / Web reports for them. I have been an ASUG volunteer for 3 years and currently chair the Chicago chapter. I am also a Moderator on the BI forums and try to get people through problems (or tell them how to Search)

Before this I was a junior consultant who took an earlier train to run into office before my mentor, to (try to) reply all emails, resolve all issues and start development before he could arrive and sigh (with a smile). I also did a lot of end user and knowledge transfer workshops...I really enjoy (and now miss) that.

Marriage blessed me with a valuable mentor and path into the SAP world. In my previous life I was an advertising creative happily playing with ideas in words and visuals and the computer gave me toys like Photoshop, Corel and Dreamweaver.

Throughout school I got A's in BASIC, PASCAL, DBASE IV, LOTUS123 and proudly did a course in e-Commerce. My first computer was a 64K Toshiba which came with some games on cassettes. The Hunchback game was good, but this 8 year old never got past level 7. I enjoyed doing very basic code in BASIC and helped my father create slides for his conferences...good memories, but the question is what now. May be it is time for something else...UI Architect, BI beyond...hmmm, where should I put my next step(smile)

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     I feel gr8 to see you here. And also that you remember your first system Toshiba.