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I originally worked for Arthur Andersen as an auditor and was later transferred to Andersen Consulting. I started my own software development/training business over twelve years ago and I work with companies of all sizes. My focus is on building websites using C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005 and Crystal Reports.

I've been writing technology books since 2002. I've written a couple books about .NET programming and my last two books are on Crystal Reports. The first teaches .NET 2003 programmers how to use the Crystal Reports API to integrate Crystal Reports into their applications. It was the best-selling Crystal Reports book on for over a year. The second book focuses on teaching end users how to get the most out of Crystal Reports XI and it has an emphasis on developing financial reports. For my next book, on programming Crystal Reports .NET 2005/2008, I'm experimenting with a new approach to book writing. I'm going to write the book in a blog format so that online users can read it as I write it. This format will let the book's content be driven by instant user feedback and reviews. This lets me create a new community of users focused strictly on the Crystal Reports .NET SDK and also gives everyone a chance to read the book as it is written without having to wait months before it is available in bookstores. I'm very excited about this new approach to writing books and I hope that the book's blog will be well received within the Crystal Reports community.

You can learn more about Crystal Reports at the book's website, Anyone can register and participate in the forums. There are currently almost 4,000 members and over 7,500 posts.

I expect my role as an SDN Mentor to be an evangelist for making it easy for SAP customers to learn about Crystal Reports and help users migrate their skill set from the current SAP reporting tools to Crystal Reports. If you have questions about Crystal Reports, feel free to reach me at 502-417-3681.

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