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<--serious consulting Chris
Chris surprised by Sue Keohan at Mastering SAP Technologies

My Bio

I'm a SAP HR technical specialist working for Presence of IT in Australia. I've been working with SAP HR since 1998, and have never looked back. I've a strong functional understanding of HR - not just SAP, but actually the challenges that HR departments and managers face in their work. Having been in HR for since the 4.0 days, I've seen the Web front-end of SAP change radically. I've worked extensively in ITS, then moving to Web Dynpro Java, and recently into Web Dynpro ABAP. I generally work with clients to help design solutions for them that take advantage of the latest SAP technologies - incorporating them into their business process design. Sometime I even get to get my hands dirty and play with the code. I recently made a decision to be more vocal on SCN and other public fora, so hopefully you might hear a little from me.

I've written a few blogs - you might want to look them up - generally there is a theme of Web Dynpro ABAP in there somewhere. Often it's pretty well disguised.

If you like, please do follow me on Twitter -  @wombling 

Outside of SAP, (yes I do have a life outside of SAP) I enjoy doing woodworking (a complete amateur, but I like it), hiking (as far away from civilization as possible) and spending time with my family.

Handy Hint

Hmmm - guess I'll have to expand this - but you'll probably hear most from me at the moment at the Web Dynpro ABAP forum, possibly blogging, or perhaps even commenting on things in Idea Place. One very good tip - if you're stuck on something to do with Web Dynpro ABAP, have a search for anything written by Thomas Jung - even stuff he wrote 4+ years ago is mostly still very relevant!

Another tip - never take anything too seriously.*

* unless of course you have to, in which case, obviously you should. Like if you were an airline pilot, for example. Fortunately (for everyone concerned), I'm not.

  • Just to please the folks I'm working with - Orica a link to them.
My Team

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  1. Guest

    Chris, will you provide your email?


     Jason PV

  2. Sorry Jason,  no  - I already spend more time than I should on SCN, I'm afraid I won't provide any responses directly via email. Even if you could guess my email address from the company I work for (it isn't hard)  I wouldn't reply. I have to draw the line somewhere.