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Craig Cmehil is a web developer by nature, his experiences starting back in the early 90's, turned SAP Evangelist by passion. From his time as community member and contributor through the SAP Developer Network (SDN) since the founding of the site in 2003, he's found himself thrown into the dynamic world of SAP in many aspects. His adventures have lead him to where he is now, member of the global SAP family and Open Innovation Manager, having joined SAP in the summer of 2005.

From a developer perspective, Craig is what you would call an early starter having written his first program at the age of 8 and Copy Righting his first at the age of 12. His experiences include building applications for the desktop as well as the web from the back end connectivity to the front end user interface, his particular focus up until his change of career path was on integration of systems.

Presently and for the last couple of years his perspective has changed and been focused more on the "users", the information workers who use tools such as those he used to develop and how the interact with the tools and each other in localized as well as global communities. He's the host of the Friday Morning Report as well as Starship Enterprisey and enjoys questioning the norm and exploring the depths of the enterprise!

In his current role as SAP Evangelist, Community Moderator and SAP mentor, Craig uses the vast resources made available to every member of the SAP Community Network to help show that SAP is an open, innovating and interesting company. Another aspect of his current role is the Demo Jam, and 2009 is shaping up to be even better than 2008! Since joining the SAP global family Craig has worked on and been a part of the SDN core community and collaboration team.

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