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Current Open Source Projects
  • SAPlink
    • SAPlink aims to become the standard way for people to share ABAP developments
    • It allows developers from different companies to easily share anything created in an ABAP system
  • AJS
  • BW Web Printer
    • Do your users complain that they can't print web templates directly from IE? If so this is for you.
    • Allows for Fit to Page a single page and fit to X pages wide by Y pages tall

Who I am.

Bios are always trite and boring so, I'll try and tell you how I got here, maybe that will be more interesting — maybe it won't. I started playing with computers when I was about 6 years old so, I've been doing this for a fair bit of time. The first computer I had was a Commodore 64/128, this was mostly a gaming computer for me although with a piece of software, that I can't remember the name of, I started to build simple games. The software package had a little "scripting tool" in it to allow you to control the flow of the game — it was pretty cool. From there I started to play with the Commodore's native tongue, BASIC. From there we eventually got an IBM clone from a family friend who was running a small business setting up networks. I still remember looking over his shoulder as he added RAM to our machine — soon I was fixing/upgrading my parents machine and working on the side fixing and building other machines. About this time I was in H.S. taking a programming class using Pascal and on the side building web pages and writing C++. I studied Computer Engineering at Lehigh University, but by the end of my degree I was more interested in UI design then hardware. During that time I worked as a research assistant in a lab that did Virtual Environment development which was a great experience. When I graduated from Lehigh I got a job at Colgate-Palmolive doing ABAP programming in their COPA module. I transited over to do BW frontend/backend development and now work with our Architecture team, pondering where we go next.