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I joined SAP in 2004 as an information developer concentrating on portal developer topics, and helping to revise the Portal Developer Guide. I started early contributing to SDN, answering questions mainly in the Portal Content Development forum, for which I am currently a moderator. I also help with the Portal Wiki, and have presented at SAP's Tech Ed show in the fall.


I live in Raanana, Israel, about 30 minutes from Tel Aviv and an hour from Jerusalem. I am married to the former Odia Glatt (that's how they write it in the newspaper), an amazing woman, and we have 2 children – Elizabeth (9) and Yoni (3).

My Main SAP Contributions

Portal Page         My Blogs         Portal Developer Guide (2004s)


Brushes With Greatness

I went to college with Jeff Zucker, now head of NBC Universal. He was the editor of our school paper when I was a reporter/photographer/ad salesman. We were both class of 1985, though it took me another year to graduate.

Everyone who wrote a sports column (I covered women's basketball briefly) had to have a clever name for their column based on their name. What kind of nickname can you make with "Wroblewski"? But he came up with "True 'Blewski" – which I thought was really clever.

P.S.: Our class also included this guy on the Harvard Lampoon, named Conan O'Brien – who now has his own popular show on NBC. Small world.

  • Ordinary People (Robert Redform's first movie as a director, and everyone seeming to play off type, especially Donald Sutherland and Mary Tyler Moore)

I use to listen to a lot of American country music, but its not so popular in Israel. So I listen to some Israeli artists – Miri Mesika, Judith Ravitz – as well as the greatest hits of Sesame Street.


I haven't sailed lately too much, but I used to a little on the Chesapeake Bay off of Maryland when I lived there. Learned on a Rainbow, then took cruise on the Chesapeake on a 37-foot O'Day, like the one in the picture. Was fun keeping a journal for a friend during the cruise, from my cabin.


OK, I admit it, I am past my prime, but I still love to play basketball. I am on the SAP team that plays against other high-tech company, and play a weekly pick-up game with most SAP developers at a local high school. I have played in Madison Square Garden (OK, not for the Knicks, not even for St. Johns) in high school, which was very exciting.

My Team
Portal Documentation
  • Michael Glaun
  • Rachi Ofir
  • Hal Wrobel
  • Uri Levy
  • Shay Barry

I work with dozens and dozens of the smartest developers in the portal development team, located in Israel.