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Deepak - Experiences with SAP Enterprise Portal 

Hi Everyone,

Today I had my first experinece with Wiki, I know I am too late but being late is better then never (wink). I will used this space to provide my experience while working with SAP Enterprise Portal since September 2005.

Now a question which might have hit your mind, why I state my experience with Enterprise Portal not how to work, or knowledge etc? I personally feel that SDN has provided the best documentation I have ever seen and one can find information related to each and every word which exist in SAP Domain on or SDN. Now one has to know when to use what kind of knowledge and that only come from experience. Here I don't mean that I have lot of experience but whatever I have I will like to share with this community.

So keep watching this space, I will try to put content on regular basis. One request to all the user, if someone need some specific infomation, do write a comment to this page with topic.