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My Bio

I have passed "half a study" of economical informatics, "half a study" of law and a full study of mathematics, more or less in parallel; that has been in Braunschweig and Frankfurt a.M.. After that, I have become a "pure" Java developer, mostly engaged in financial business for about five years. My special interest in this period has been web application development with focus on the combination of Tomcat and Apache. Between 2003 and 2006, I have worked for btexx, a german consulting company with explicit focus on SAP NetWeaver Portal. My special interests here - of course - have been core Java development and KM. With the beginning of 2007, I started to work as an independent freelancer within the given areas. I am living with my wife and our three children between Wiesbaden and Frankfurt a.M., in the beautiful Taunus mountains.

Handy Hint

As time is short, and as I'm sceptical about the blog masses, you won't find many blogs by me. Anyhow, after three years acknowledged as a blogger, in fact I have published one  - check it out, maybe others will be added with the time (but maybe this will take another three years... (big grin) ):
My SDN blog(s)