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Dushyant Shetty

In the year 2002, as an experienced and passionate Application Development Expert on the J2EE platform, Dushyant Shetty took his first hesitant steps in the SAP universe, not entirely by choice, by taking up an assignment to handle the technical management of Genovate Solutions, an SAP Education Partner, for its first SAP Training Center in Mumbai, India.

At that time, the devastation following the bursting of the farcical DotCom Bubble was just about tapering off and the Information Technology industry was beginning to pull itself up by its bootstrings again, much wiser through its experiences. When the dust settled, Dushyant felt an intense desire to reinvent himself and being in an SAP-centric environment gave him the opportunity he was looking for. Very soon, his Java and Oracle shoes were traded in for shiny new SAP ABAP and Basis ones.

With some more technical exposure and experience with development projects, he was able to achieve SAP Certification in ABAP in August, 2002. As a proud member of an elite community, his long standing passion for mentoring people helped him develop skills as a lead ABAP Trainer, who has since then, trained hundreds of aspiring ABAPers in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia on SAP R/3 4.6b, 4.6c, Enterprise 4.7 and ERP Central Component 5.0. Having gained this knowledge the hard way, he understood the importance of helping the right people make the right beginnings in the SAP Universe.

He considers himself fortunate to have had the opporunity to keep his feet in both the Development and Training boats at the same time, throughout his SAP Career and has held responsibilities of Senior Developer, Team Lead and Quality and Standards Reviewer in projects with SAP Customers like Aramco, Gillette(now PG), BD Biosciences among others.

For a while now, ever since Java was given pride of place in the Netweaver framework, he has pined to be reunited with his old flame, whom he was rather painfully separated from, years ago. To this end, he has been dabbling with Enterprise Portal and intends to use the next few months to get up to speed on the Java and Webdynpro fronts and to add some more dimensions to his skills.

He is currently engaged with SAP Education Services, as an independent consultant and is an occassional blogger and an occassional contributor to the ABAP Forums.

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