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I am a SAP consultant currently working for Deloitte Australia. I previously worked for HP Asia Pacific.

My life with computers begun when I was 8 when my mother bought a 286 PC. I was hooked to QBASIC, Pascal, C/C++ and Java when I was young mostly for building my own games. Macro viruses caught my attention for awhile but I did make sure it did not spread outside of my desktop PC.

I started my professional IT career as a working student (2000) handling web application development for the University of the Philippines. After graduation, I joined HP and that started my career in SAP (2004). Since then, I have been involved in numerous projects for external customers that utilize SAP Netweaver BI/BW (3.5 and 7.0), Enterprise portal, SCM, ECC and ABAP. I currently have more than 4 years of experience in the SAP space and is a SAP certified Solution Consultant for BW. I specialize in BI, Enterprise portal, SCM and ABAP. It is great to work with people around the globe everyday..

Deloitte was kind enough to move me to Australia. Lately, I have been involved in a large BI implementation in a consumer goods company in Australia, a BPS implementation in a goverment department and a BI/HR system implementation in New Zealand.

I joined SDN in 2004 but only became active in 2006. Thanks to SAP community network, I was able to build a network with other SAP professionals all over the world. Feel free to contact me if you want to have a chat (my public email is posted above).

You can view my business card here. Here are some of my posts which received points.

SAP certified Solution Consultant for Netweaver Business Intelligence

Most of the time, I contribute in the Business Intelligence, SCM, Portal and ABAP forums. I have also started writing articles.

Here are links to some of my first posts here in SDN:

How to create a function module DataSource in BW

APO Storage Bucket Profile VS Planning Buckets Profile

Integrating APO DP/SNP and BW

Loading APO DP CVCs using a BADI

Technical Tables of an ODS

On ABAP routines in InfoPackage selections

Here is a list of articles I have contributed so far (more to come... )

How to Trigger an Event Using APO Planning Book Macro  - This is my first article here and because of that I decided to pick the simplest topic (just to have a feel on the process of contributing a "How To"). The article discusses how you can raise a SAP event from a planning book macro. In effect, it also tells you how to extend the capabilities of APO planning book macros by integrating them with custom built macro functions created in SE37.

Disabling Buttons in the Interactive Planning screen of APO
- Discusses a step by step procedure on how to disable/re-enable buttons in the Interactive Planning screen in APO