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Who am I

During my life I used to work as an astronomer, a programmer, an accountant, an accounting expert, a consultant implementing 1S-Enterprise (Russian leading accounting system trying to became an ERP system), Oracle Applications and, finally, SAP. Someone may ask: what is common in all these specialties? The answer is: numbers, digits, figures.

My first love was and is the astronomy, since I was 10 years old. The beauty of the starry night (especially in a binocular or a telescope) and unbelievable "astronomical" figures, sizes, distances and time astonished and attracted me. So, I finished Physics faculty of the Kazan State University and became an astronomer. There are very limited number of astronomical positions in the world. That's why we were given this second specialty (programmer), just in case if we couldn't get into the world of astronomy.

Though, I was lucky to get an astronomical job. But not lucky enough, because instead of stars and galaxies I had to study the Sun. Sunspots, solar cycles, solar flares, solar wind, working in a day-time was not what I wanted since my childhood. And when my boss refused to allow me to transfer to the "stellar" department, I quit astronomy. For the programming. Moreover, that the whole year, all long hours after the scientific work and almost all weekends I worked with my partner, creating educational programs for high school (subject - astronomy). Programming became my second love. 

I was quite happy with the job. However, very quickly I realized that knew nothing about financial functional part of the life when it was a task of accounting automation. And when my job-mates decided to attend accounting courses, I joined them. Even this 3-month course gave me understanding (as I thought that time) of functional part of accounting. It seemed to be very easy. After dissolution of  our Joint Venture, where I worked as a programmer, I easily found the programmer's work. But figure out that pure programming is not so attractive for me any longer, and three months I tried to get my first job in accounting. Nobody wanted to hire a guy without experience. My wife nagged at me every day during these months. Finally, I got my first accounting job. Very quickly I attained a Chief Accountant position in a joint venture.

I quit accounting in 5 years. The reasons - routine job, no innovation, too much responsibility, the permanent stress, easiness of getting in jail for own errors or boss' fraud.

Accounting job gave me the needed understanding of financial part of the life. Do not having MBA degree (tried to enter INSEAD, but was refused) I taught Financial Management MBA students in the University. Passing through ACCA-DipIFR gave me knowledge of International Financial Reporting. TOEFL and GMAT (as well as a work with foreign accountants in the JV) significantly raised my level of English. (By the way, in the quantitative part of GMAT I fall into 3% of the best scores).

The last 6+ years I work with SAP products. Though, my experience in SAP BI (BW) is large, I consider SEM-BCS projects as a priority for myself. Actually, I may implement such projects alone. Starting from blueprinting (I talk with finance people their language; rather often I had to review some methodologies created by Big Four for planning/consolidation ), through configuring BW and R/3 (ECC), setting up BCS and creating reporting in BEx. Like one-man orchestra, in implementing SEM-BCS.

I also like helping people, freely sharing my knowledge. Participation in SCN gives me such a possibility.

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