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Thanks guys...for giving me the opportunity to portray my profile.

Now what? Mmmmm...profile. Checked out the Wiktionary and it tells me that you would like to have a summary or collection of information, especially about a me. Me, makes me feel really special. So, what do I tell you. I guess it has to be about SAP. Are you sure you don't wanna know about the exciting life I lead?. Alright then SAP it what do I know. Wish I got involved with SAP when they started 35 years ago...check this out - 35 years of SAP. One thing that stands out for me in this video is when Hasso Plattner states "The best years of my life was when I could write code". This is what I started doing within the SAP Application 9 years ago and never looked back. Yep, still enjoying it very much.

Brief overview of my career.

Started ABAP Development in the HR module at the Johannesburg city council after developing software in Cobol, Ingres, C, Clarion and Clarion for Windows. Went to Australia for a 6 year stint where I gained experience in ABAP OO, Web Development using ITS, ESS and EP 5.0 development. Returned to South Africa in 2004 as a Development lead for EDS. My career at EDS was short but fruitful where I gained experience in BSP developments in the Automotive Industry. Started working at SAP in 2006 and gained development experience in CRM and then xRPM enhancements. Currently studying to complete the SAP Java certification while completing an xRPM implementation.