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My Bio

Frank is a computer scientist who engaged in the IT-industry starting with Intel Corp. in the Valley in 1984 as well as on the customers side, combining technology and business knowledge to use IT as an enabling tool for business which led him to SAP in 1999.

Aside from applying Neural Networks in medical image processing to support an earlier detection of brain deseases with rdecued blood perfusion in combination also with Massive Parallel Processing Systems (Conection Machine from Thinkin Machines) he consulted several private and governmental organizations on leading technology strategies.

Prior to working for SAP, Frank was the Head of IT (CIO/CTO) of a German Federal Government institution which under his leadership became an earlier adopter of Open Source Software, especially in the infrastructure and web technology space. The decision was made for business reasons only, in order to shift budget priorities from context technology to those areas where IT drives or differentiates the business.

Today Frank is the head of SAP's Global Open Source Office, leveraging SAP's, partners' and customers' interest in using Open Source complementing SAP's products in order to deliver cost-effective and value adding business platforms and solutions.    

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