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Frauke Hassdenteufel

I'm the BPX community manager for industries at SAP. I'm with SAP since January 98. Originally I started my career as a developer. Going from there I explored many different places inside SAP....

  • Project Mangement
  • Solution Management
  • Retail & Consumer Products
  • Masterdata Management
  • Industry standards
  • Enterprise SOA 
  • ... and I had the honor to be responsible for different communities inside and outside of SAP
My Network at BPX

Here I would like to mention some peers out of my own network I'm working together more or less on a daily basis. For those of you I might have forgotten, please feel warmly invited to add yourself to this small list:

  • Audrey Weinland - Community Network Content Strategist for BPX
  • Marilyn Pratt - BPX Community Lead
  • Marco ten Vaanholt - 'Big Boss' of BPX
  • Axel Angeli - A great person to generate new and fancy ideas also the initiator of the

    Industry BPX Leads at SAP sorted by industry:
    • A&D: Magnus Bjorendahl, Frank Klipphahn
    • Automotive: Ute Gramann
    • Banking: Paul Centen
    • Chemicals: Monica Gassmann
    • Defense: Dante Ricci
    • Healthcare: Claudius Metze
    • Higher Education & Research: Tina Bach
    • IM&C: David Parrish
    • Life Sciences: Anja Modler-Spreitzer
    • Mining & Metall: Ursula Gruen
    • Oil & Gas: Kieran O'Connor
    • Professional Services: Anja Engelhardt
    • Public Sector: Angela Eck
    • Retail: Andreas Lueckler, Heike Rawe, Lisa Jones,
    • Travel & Logistics Services: Susanne-Kirsten Mueller
    • Utilities: Axel Memminger
    • Wholesale Distribution: Michael Ohnemus, Ingo Woesner
My favorite SDN-Topics
My interesting Projects beyond SDN
  • At Work
    • Advanced Methodologies for Exchange - A project on collaboration in virtual environments in cooperation with the University St. Gallen and SAP Research
    • Knowledge Management in Web 2.0 communities together with Miroslaw Kapustka (who is writing his Diploma Thesis on this topic)
  • For Fun:
    • Comicforum (German) - This is not a personal project but my second favorite community besides  BPX - interesting for all of you who love comics
    • PSV Heidelberg (German) - Police Sports Club Heidelberg - Karate and more....