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My Bio

Name : Gunawan Hasim (33)

Skill   : SAP CRM & SAP EP (for about 7 years).

Motto : Never under estimate on something you don't really know! Never make assumption!

Handy Hint

I will update my profile soon, and this surely blog out what inside my head !!

  • SDN for sure... meet lots great experts and people
  • Interesting places (since travelling too much!) : Japan most fave place, UK and Scotland...such exotic place, Malaysia with friendly people, Philippines..ladies of course (smile), Indonesia my home country...lots of nice and excellent foods.
  • My favorite and best teamwork (from previous company) ADS Team team ever!! Solid!
My Team
  • Fadli, Dave, Yuva, Fairuz, Mud, etc...
  • ADS Team (Denny C, Rita T, Parjan R, Evi A, Emarry H, Salmon, Benny A, Edwin H, Eddo M, Aditya W, Karim Setiawarga)

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  1. Guest

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