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About myself

I started in 1999 with Seagate Software (coming from an actual customer) as Trainer and Consultant in Frankfurt looking after Crystal Reports and Seagate Info. In 2000 I was given the great opportunity to be part of a small team working togehter with the SAP BI Development group to create the first integration of Crystal Reports as part of SAP BI, which then resulted in the OEM relationship between SAP and Crystal Decisions.

I did spend 4 1/2 years in Walldorf and did then decide to continue my career in th beautiful Vancouver as Product Manager / Program Manager looking at the integration of Crystal Decisions / BusinessObjects products into the SAP landscape.

For a short period I did help to create a training team focusing on our SAP solutions and to create training material for partners and internal employees.

Now I am focused on the topic of "Embedded Analytics" between SAP and BusinessObjects products (and in the spare time on SDN).

... and my last and so far greatest experience is to share my knowledge in form of my first own book. You can find the detail here.

SAP and BusinessObjects 4.x - Material, Blogs, ...

SAP and BusinessObjects Xi 3.1 - Material, Blogs, ...

SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1 Material


Integrating BusinessObjects XI 3.1 BI Tools with SAP NetWeaver

by Ingo Hilgefort

This book is your implementation guide for BusinessObjects XI 3.1 Tools within SAP NetWeaver 7.0. After introducing you to the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise platform and important SAP BusinessObjects BI client tools, you'll work through easy-to-use but still technically detailed information on how to set up these tools. In addition, you'll find step-by-step instructions and a chapter on troubleshooting issues to round off this convenient guide.


  • BusinessObjects BI Products Overview
  • Installation and Configuration on the server and client side
  • Combining SAP with Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, Query as a Web Service, and Xcelsius
  • Integration of BusinessObjects BI into SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • Security and Troubleshooting

Reporting and Analytics using SAP BusinessObjects

by Ingo Hilgefort

One of the most valuable resources a company has (and often the most misused or under-used) is the massive amount of company data sitting in a database, including everything from sales figures and shipping expenses, to other key performance indicators and metrics. By using the SAP BusinessObjects suite of business intelligence (BI) tools, companies have the power to transform their data into a powerful strategic and tactical tool to manage and grow their businesses. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the reporting, analysis, and visualization tools available from SAP BusinessObjects.


  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Ad-Hoc Query and Analysis
  • Advance Analysis
  • Dashboarding and Data Visualizations

Inside SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

by Ingo Hilgefort

If you’re considering using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, this book is for you. It will show you how SAP BusinessObjects Explorer can help you make faster, better-informed decisions by giving you more insight into your data. And, if you’re already using Explorer, you’ll learn about the latest functionality of the XI 3.2 release and the new features of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Accelerated Version in combination with SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator. From installation and deployment, to everyday usage scenarios and more advanced topics, this book is filled with invaluable information that will help you configure and utilize Explorer to its full potential


· Installation and Deployment

· Using SAP and Non-SAP Data Sources with Explorer
· Real-life Examples From a Broad Range of Industries

· Data Connectivity and Data Security

· Explorer in the Cloud

· Using Explorer with Excel Spreadsheets

· Using Explorer on the iPhone

Inside SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis

by Ingo Hilgefort

This is the definitive source for information on SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis, Microsoft Office edition, and provides you with a comprehensive functional overview, installation/deployment scenarios, data connectivity guidance, and basic/advanced usage scenarios. Learn about the details of the upcoming release of Advanced Analysis, Web edition, and integration with the upcoming release of SAP BusinessObjects XI 4.0. 


· Features and Functionality

· Technical Prerequisites

· Advanced Analysis Office

· ArchitectureSAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Connections

· Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint Settings

· Multi-Lingual Behavior

· User Authorizations and Rights

· SAP NetWeaver BW Metadata

· Navigation Options

· Sorting and Filtering

· Using Hierarchies

· Lifecycle Management

· Object-Level and Data-Level Security

· Product Outlook

· Advanced Analysis, Web edition

· Integration with SAP BusinessObjects XI 4.0


  1. Hi Ingo,

    Did you know that you can use a small macro in wiki markup to aggregate your blog entries automatically with RSS instead of manually updating your profile?  There is a blog with details

  2. Guest

    Hi Ingo,
    just had a conversation with Francois Imberton concering a communication problem between SAP BI and BO Enterprise. He gave me your name as one who can probably solve the issue:


    In one of my projects, we using SAP BI, BO XI3.1 and CRYSTAL REPORTS. CRYSTAL REPORTS using SAP INTEGRAION to retrieve data from SAP BI --> works fine.

    Now we need to schedule BO XI3.1 for a particaluar CR report to generate PDF --> on DEMAND.
    The UI is a WEB - DYNPRO - ABAP withiin SAP BI.

    Out goal is now, implement a consumer service (Enterprise Service) within SAP using e.g SESSION.WSDL.

    The Proxy is generation works fine. If we test the generated ABAP - methods (e.g. getVERSION) this works fine to.



    Do you have experiance using ABAP-MEthods (generated from the conusmer service) to communicate with BO WEB SERVICES. Especially SESSION.WSDL and BIPLATFROM.WSDL.

    All communication with SAP via OSS give us no usefull information.

    I really facing a problem in my project and it would be very nice if you can replay on this comment.

    My contacts are:
    Jürgen Karg (siemens)
    mobile: +49 160 969 444 26

     Kind regards

  3. Hi Ingo,

    Really excellent Blogs on SAP-BO from you.


    Surendra Kumar Reddy Reddy Koduru.

    SAP-BI Consultant

  4. Guest

    Hi Ingo,

    I've heard you might be able to help me. My name is Roberto Bernal and right now I'm on a project wich involves working with universe designer.


    The problem I am experimenting is that I didn't built the universe but They did it too big not to mention that from my point of view it was poorly designed, for example They integrated all business areas in the same universe, some areas are not even in use right now, but they are on the universe. Another example is that once they have inserted all tables from the datasource, they clicked the "detect combinations" button so the universe has a lot of loops.

    The main problem right now is that this project I'm on... Its objective is to separate the actual universe into smaller, easier to maintain universes in wich each universe shall represent a business area. I've read about linking universes and including universes, but I have also read about some disadvantages and some restrictions about this topic, Can you tell me what do you thing about this two methods ?? I think those could help me because I'm gonna need to use some objects, tables etc. from different universes and I just dont know how can I do that.

    If you have any other ideas about that point of relating universes, I would really appreciate your help.

    My contact information is:

    Roberto Bernal
    mobile: (001) (52) (722) 5125048
    Thank you for your time, Regards.

    Roberto Bernal