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I have begun my adventure with SAP in March 2005 when I started to work for Statoil Poland as SAP programmer. Before that I had mainly been dealing with web application programming. 

My main areas of expertise are:

  • XI/PI development
  • ABAP programming (IDOCs, RFCs, proxies, reports, SapScript, SmartForms, etc.)
  • JAVA

I have attended the following SAP trainings:

  • BC410 - Programming User Dialogs with Classical Screens (Dynpros)
  • BC430 - ABAP Dictionary
  • BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports
  • BC402 - Advanced ABAP
  • BIT430 - SAP XI Business Process Management
  • BIT450 - SAP XI Development
  • BIT400 - SAP XI
  • BC400 - ABAP Workbench - Foundations and Concepts

Since December 2006 I am certified Development Consultant - NetWeaver - XI 3.0 WebAS 6.40.

Since January 2009 I am certified Development Consultant - NetWeaver'04 - Application Development Focus ABAP.

1 Comment

  1. Guest

    Hats off to your achivements sir.......

    I need your help to enhance my skills in SAP ABAP.

    I am new to this field and I need the material to explore more on this.

    Please help me out sir.

    I wll be very thankful to you if u do so..


    Akshay Kanday(SAP Trainee)