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I started out as a campus recruit - nervous on my first day at work. Yet eager to jump into the world of IT! That was when I realized I will be a part  of something called SAP. (Pardon moi all SAP experts!) (tongue) 

I didnt have a faint clue on what I will be working on or learning about. A week later I was introduced the world of ABAP programming. Starting from basic tables and structures to the more complex and amazing features offered by SAP scripts, ALE, Idoc .. blah blah.. It just hit me with awe and amazement !

But after just 3 months of ABAP breeze struck yet another wind! Did someone say weather men are predictable? (big grin)

I moved on to a new beach - called the SAP Data Archiving .  Data Archiving considered to be a relatively less complex area of SAP (there is absolutely no coding involved!!!) was a killer in its own sweet way. It was a very critical process. In the sense, it teaches the essence of handling data in SAP systems.

Now, still with the world of data archiving - I have gradually widened my circle of interests to FI/CO and other data management solutions.

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Yet to start blogging.. but expect my blog anytime soon! :)

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