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My Bio

I am CIO at CSA Group.  In my previous role I was responsible for Enterprise Strategy and IT Architecture.  Key areas of focus include reducing IT landscape complexity and leveraging BPM/SOA and enterprise 2.0 tools to drive process improvement,  reduce time-to-market and engage communities through our web- and e-commerce sites.

I joined CSA (Canadian Standards Association) in 1998 as part of the team responsible for implementing SAP R/3 as a Y2K project.  Our go-live date was August 1999.  Since that time we have been an early adopter of many SAP technologies our other go-live dates include:  Online Store (in December 1999), BW (or now BI in November 2000), Enterprise Portals (in April 2001) and CRM (in March 2003).

Prior to joining CSA, I spent 5 years as an independent contractor working on designing and implementing systems in the Logistics and Insurance sectors.  Before that I worked in the Satellite Communications industry implementing computer-aided design, manufacturing and testing systems with a key focus on product data management and project systems.

Favourite Links

Some of my work related favourite links include the web-sites we have developed using SAP NetWeaver and SAP technologies, including:

Our Customer Portal at
Our Online Store at
Our Online Subscriptions Service at

Other areas that I frequently visit at work include SDN, Gartner and Google!!

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