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John Hosken

Picture soon...

Wrote code since before you were born (1968). Went to an AMR conference in 1992 at which Hasso Plattner introduced R/3 to the US market and heard him say "Vee hope ze Uzers hef fun viz zis softvare". Switched to ABAP and had fun every day since. Probably up to a couple of hundred thousand lines by now. Taught it to anyone who would listen.

My favorite SDN-Topics
  • ABAP
  • Web Dynpro (I skip over the Java stuff)
  • Thomas Jung's How-to Videos
  • The zillion-part series
  • Virtual SAP TechEd
  • OSS & SAP Help (You can get there from here...)
My interesting Projects beyond SDN
  • At Work
    • Sent an editable ALV to Prod. that's all AO except the Selection screen, follows almost every one of Horst Keller's rules and has M-V-C architecture.
    • Outlasted three HR Developers (they were voted off the island one after the other) and wrote a better Relationship delimiter than any of them would have if they were still around. Viva SAP Press!
  • For Fun:
    • Installed a Kubota 3-cyl diesel in the garden tractor my father bought new in 1968.
    • Just started restoring a 1973 GE ElekTrak, but my SDN Subscription will stall that project for a while.
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  1. Guest

    Please, don't discriminate against our German pronounciation. We are speaking/writing a much better English than most other citizen (smile) . I guess it was intended to be funny. Reading the threads in SDN I have my doubts!
    I am sure this webinar will be a great success,

    Kindest, Heinz