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My Bio

I started my professional career in 1979, as a member of a marketing research department for a large company in Denver, CO.  I worked in a variety of companies/roles until I landed at Intel in 1994 (sabbatical year coming up J ).  I started as the data architect for the finance department, helping to design Intel's first worldwide General Ledger.  We implemented SAP FI/CO in 199SAP Network Wiki8. I have been involved with SAP as an architect since then. 

In 2001, I was a part of a new "Information Quality Management" group.  We worked to raise awareness around the impact poor data quality can have on the daily operations of the business. We put in place a methodology that drove a paradigm shift in how we approached software development efforts, a methodology that focused on delivering improved information/data quality.  As that methodology became integrated into our software development life cycle I shifted into the role of SAP Master Data Architect.  It was time for us to replatform, to implement SAP Netweaver and all of SAP's new product suites, included SAP NW MDM.  I become the product manager of their newest product as well as accountable for our Master Data Architecture; the goal to deliver a fully integrated Master Data solution across SAP.  We are two years into the 5 year journey with a huge effort to land Master Data first.  SAP NW MDM is a part of that solution.  The SAP Netweaver Winter 2007 edition covers our methodology, our approach.  

Delivering an integrated Master data solution is not a simple task.  SAP has different data models, different definitions across their systems.  To align these requires a focused, well architected approach.  Intel's Master Data program is leading the way, with 2008 delivering our most highly shared data.   


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