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My Bio

I am a young SAP Business One Developer who works for a software company called Information Technology Aktion, located in the north of Spain. We develop both horizontal and vertical solutions, mostly around Production and Project Management areas. We are a leader company in our country, where we are part of the SPO Group, a "partner partnership" we have created around the B1 product to improve it with our solutions and get the most of it.

 As a SBO developer I have wide experience in both UI and DI APIs, as they are the base for our everyday work. Furthermore, I've acquired lots of experience in developing ActiveX components in .NET, which can be loaded by B1 and used to extend its functionality and push it to the limit. Related to this, more technologies come to my mind such as .NET Remoting to communicate with the ActiveX hosted by B1 from an standard addOn, XML Technologies (XSD, XSLT, ....) to import/export data...  In summary, developing for B1 consists not only in knowing .NET but also all the technologies  related to it. I would really like to start developing some solutions in C++, mainly for performance issues,  but first I'll have to "remember" C++, as it is a long time since I used it the last time.

Developing is a big part of my job, but I like DataBases too. Managing them, making programs for them, ... it is another part of my developer life I like!  But as SAP doesn't let us "touch" the database directly, we always have to look for the tricky part to inyect our code (wink) .

 In our company, we usually develop tools to assist us in our everyday tasks, like Visual Studio AddIns, some wizards, etc... It is a pity they are totally oriented to our workflow, because the could be very useful for other people too. Of course, we also use the tools provided by the SAP staff, but not very much since they are pretty "simple". 

 In my spare time, I like to develop "cool" applications for MacOSX, my platform of choice. It is a very interesting platform, and learning it I've been rewarded with great knowledge of some programming paradigms I try to apply to my everyday work. I've been very attracted to the "DemoScene" too, where I first learned to program (smile) It is a pity I don't have enough time to make some 3D "intros" or "demos" again!

ActiveX development

As I've acquired wide expertise about integrating .NET ActiveX components in SAP Business One using .NET Remoting for communication, and one of my principles is sharing knowledge, as I owe a lot to the community; I've thought I could help other people in such a "complicated" task. If you feel I could help, please post your questions in the Comments!

My Team
  • Vanesa Carrasco
  • Ibai Peña

1 Comment

  1. Guest

    Hello Mr. Arranz

    I have an issue with ActiveX components in SBO. I would very much like to use the MonthCalendar control from the System.Windows.Forms.dll in my application, but I'm facing some trouble:

    I have tried to create a new usercontrol and embed the MonthCalendar into it. My trouble is that the .Net Remoting framework wants all the  classes to be marked with the [Serializable] attribute when using the MonthCalendar control of my usercontrol.

    Is there a way to get around this issue? I am developing in C#, by the way.

    Thanks in advance

    Yours sincerely

    Martin Petersen