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 Having played with computers a little bit since the early 80's I got really interested by the rise of the world wide web. From there I got into IT professionally in the late 90's, starting as a helpdesk employee in a windows office environment and moving along through unix/linux system administration and application administration for various systems and applications. SAP came on my path somewhere around 2002 and took a serious turn for me a few years later with an HR implementation on our site. When it came to authorizations everyone looked at me so in I went..... After CA940 and HR940 and with a lot of help from the funckies I managed to implement a workable authorization concept.

In 2006 I started to work for Logica in the Netherlands and from that moment on SAP security wasn't just a part of my job, it actually became the job itself. I am a certified Technology Consultant SAP NetWeaver - SAP Security (2004) and I'm especially fond of the technical side of things. You'll mostly find me in the SAP Netweaver Security forum if I'm not hanging out in the CC.

Creating webpages by writing HTML and/or programming in PHP is my favourite hobby.