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I am a failed electronics engineer... after finishing my education in the area of RADARs and radio communication I couldn't get a relevant job. Instead I got a job as developer in Telenor (Feb 1995) - at the time called Televerket, the major telecommunication company in Norway. In retrospect, that was probably not bad luck. I have found my working life interesting, and was very lucky to get varied work in Telenor. Some of my time, up to thirty percent, was spent working with measurement and estimation using a formal method going by the name of Function Point Analysis Mark II. The remainder of the time I programmed mainly in PowerBuilder, but also some SAS, some stored procedures, and a little bit of this and that.

Having spent too many hours on UseNet when finishing my studies, I also took an interest in Internet technologies and created a list of archery web sites, UseNet groups and other resources. Initially I just posted it on UseNet, but after some time I created web pages. Those were the ancient times, when Google was hardly even a thought in the minds of the billionaires, and the Opera Web Browser was in version 1.0 and standard browser in Telenor.

After a couple of years I was ready to get away from Oslo. Extreme luck is always preferable over talent and brains, and I was offered a job in Statoil (Sep 1997). The next one and a half years or so I worked with competitor analysis, company strategy, global future scenarios and other very interesting tasks that had very little to do with programming, but everything to do with Statoil.

Unfortunately, luck ran out I guess, it was decided to discontinue the central department's work and leave all strategy work to the different business units. After some time working for one of the business units with preparations for the IPO (Initial Public Offering) of Statoil I was offered a job in the IT Department since they heard I had work experience as a programmer. Again, in hindsight taking that job was possibly a good thing to do.

Years of interesting SAP work followed, including a summer stunt in Walldorf working on the solution which is now called Remote Logistics Management. However, all good things must come to an end (hopefully later when it is a really good thing and sooner when it is not such a good thing) - and no matter how good things are there's always some little things that are annoying. So when I was approaced with a question about changing employer I was very much in doubt. Working in Statoil is not at all bad, but I decided to try new challenges and start working for IBM (Mar 2007). I was not expecting everything to be perfect in IBM either, but the start was good, and IBM is a good company to work for with a lot of career opportunities if you are interested in that.
However, for one particular reason I started wondering whether I shouldn't try either being an independent consultant or work for a smaller company. Are all the advantages, such as career opportunities etc. in IBM important to me? No they aren't I found out, because I would like to continue working as a technical SAP resource at least as long as I bother to plan for.

So only six months after joining IBM my final work day arrived. I had decided to not start as an independent consultant. There are some (financial, in particular tax) advantages, but there's also additional hassle. I would like more spare time, not less, but I still decided to leave Big Blue and start working for very small Blue Consulting (Sep 2007).

Another thing came to an end. I started thinking: When I am the means of production, why should others be the majority owners? I decided that was a good question…
So I established a company Vettug where the basic idea is that all employees own the same number of shares. I started working for Vettug in February 2013, and hope to be joined by many other shareholders in the company before I retire (smile)

My work in the SAP area has been as a developer, but sometimes I have also been involved during process discussions. It seems this is not uncommon for developers working with Business Workflow solutions.

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  1. Thanks for such an entertaining and well-written profile.  Sorry we did not have the chance to meet you, live in Munich.  Perhaps next year in Berlin?


  2. Guest

    I actually read through the whole thing! Interesting profile, I always thought you were a typical nerd but you are almost like Jason Bourne - Matt Damon!


  3. Guest

    Believe it or not I also read through the whole thing. (big grin) I am an independent BPS consultant based out of Toronto, Canada. It turns out the busier you are working towards the deadline, the more time you have reading people's profiles on SDN. :PInteresting write-up. Keep well.

     William Lee