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Manish Joshi

I am working as Development Specialist for SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.
2 years and 7 months down working on SAP stuff - ABAP, Migration Techniques, BAdIs, Workflows, WebDynpro for Java; and still feel miles to go before I rest.
Started programming with C & C++ (this is how most of Indian programmers start with). Built GUI Library for DOS using a blend of C++ and Asembly, calling VBE 2.0 Core Functions. Though it was a academic project but was toughest of my life.
I was part of SAP HR module implementation for Indian Navy. Was whole and sole incharge of entire data upload. Ever got burried under tons and tons of data ? I did.
Did some "WebDynpro for Java" developing UIs for Reliant Resources Inc. 
Looks like kinda resume, okay let's put breaks here...

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1 Comment

  1. Guest

    Hi All,

    Two things about Manish Joshi which are worth mentioning are,

    firstly, his 'Focus' ! He is extremely focussed and is continuously working in that direction. Nothing and nobody can distract him from his goals.

    Secondly, his 'Determination' which helps him racing towards his goals with the same zeal and enthusiasm with which he begins it.

    Best way to get your problem solved is send it to Manish saying that its a 'Tough Problem' and 'Reward' (for sure) after its done...

    All the very best to Manish for your future endeavors.