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Business Card

I was born in Brazil and joined to the SAP world in February 2001, I learned ABAP after install SAP Application Server Trial Version and read ABAP books and tutorials.
Today, I'm a Netweaver applications developer and my expertise area is ABAP Programming, ABAP Objects, Open Source Projects and Visual Composer. Always looking for Corporate Social Responsibility solutions and news.

In 2005 I joined to SAP Community Network and late to SDN Forums like ABAP Development, ABAP Objects, Visual Composer, Enhancements, Corporate Social Responsibility...

In 2006 I started as a SAP blogger at SCN.

I was responsible to organize with SAP Brazil In March 2009 the 1st Community Event in Brazil called SAP Community Day Brazil.

Currently I'm a Forum & Wiki Moderator and SAP mentor

My focus is expand the developments in ABAP Objects creating and sharing Open Source projects like SAPchess and SAPmvc.

Visit my personal blog or follow me on Twitter to know more about my activities.

SAPChess is an open source game developed in ABAP. It Demonstrates that ABAP is much Stronger and more powerful than it seems. SAPChess was developed using new and old concepts, and this demonstrates that with the arrival of innovations ABAP hasn't lost its identity, it just became better.

SAPmvc is an Open Source framework created to introduce the MVC design pattern to the ABAP Classical Dynpro using the pure ABAP Objects.
By decoupling models and views, MVC helps to reduce the complexity in architectural design, and to increase flexibility and reuse. Because of this separation, multiple views and controllers can interface with the same model. Even new types of views and controllers that never existed before can interface with a model without forcing a change in the model design.

SAPlink is a project that aims to make it easier to share ABAP developments between programmers. It provides the ability to easily distribute and package custom objects. by Dan McWeeney & Ed Herrmann.

ESME (Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment) is a social tool that takes the immediacy of messaging and applies it to real time business process problem solving. Taking the concepts embodied in social networks such as tags and groups, ESME provides the business communications framework that allows for the fastest and most reliable way of discovering the best solution to everyday problems for people working in peer and extended networks. It reduces the risk of applying suboptimal solutions by surfacing the right people at the right time who can apply expertise to a given situation, allows the participation of mobile workers, integrates to existing systems and provides for contextually appropriate document attachments.
Read more at the ESME Blog.

  • Points for U.N. World Food Programme - Every time you contribute to SDN or BPX - through a blog, article, code sample, tutorial, video or forum post - you'll help increase the total donation that SAP will make to the United Nations World Food Programme. For more infomaton see: Mark's Blog.
  • SAP Feeding Knowledge - An SAP community initiative in support of better corporate citizenship. SAP Communities engagieren sich für besseres gesellschaftliches Engagement von Unternehmen.
  • WFP United Nations World Food Programme - As the food assistance arm of the UN, WFP uses its food to: meet emergency needs and support economic & social development. WFP provide help to Victims of natural disasters, Displaced People, The world's hungry poor and more.
  • Free Rice - FreeRice has two goals: Provide English vocabulary to everyone for free and Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.
  • - was created for all people around the world who want to end poverty. It has no political, religious, or corporate affiliation.
  • Asante Africa Foundation - Asante Africa Foundation, Inc. is an East African Children's Education Fund. We are a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to providing quality education to children in East Africa. We form partnerships with African communities and work with passionate local program managers who are deeply committed to creating change in their African villages. We envision African communities and families in which children have the opportunity to receive QUALITY education to define their futures. Generous contributions from Asante Africa Foundation donors bring these dreams to life.

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